AI-based automated proofreading tool “Chuwrite”

Applying AI to the resolution of proofreading-related issues
such as quality assurance, human resources, and cost efficiency


An optimally customized tool that solves the challenges of proofreading

Maintaining consistent quality in proofreading can be difficult due to visual checks leading to oversights, and to standards not being unified across all personnel. Human resource-related problems, such as staff shortages and hiring and training costs further complicate the issue, as does the time required for proofreading taking time away from tasks considered more important. Chura DATA Inc., a group company of DATUM STUDIO, has developed Chuwrite, a state-of-the-art AI model tuned independently to support the challenges of proofreading.

Achieve high-precision proofreading using cutting-edge AI in a secure environment

Chuwrite incorporates the most advanced AI algorithms and, unlike conventional models, it also has the capacity to learn context. Understanding context enables higher accuracy in proofreading – even in the selection of particles and typographical errors, which have traditionally been difficult to detect.
Moreover, Chuwrite’s capabilities encompass various aspects of proofreading, including the unification of document formats, modifications to writing styles, and confirming the consistency of dates. These functions can be used in conjunction with AI proofreading.



Achieve consistent proofreading quality

Automatic checking using the proofreading AI enables the performance of proofreading at a uniform standard of quality.


Easy to use, even for beginners

The intuitive user interface (UI) allows just about anyone to take charge of proofreading tasks.
Chuwrite’s proofreading enables document creators themselves to gain the proper perspective for proofreading.


Automated checks accelerate the proofreading process

Chuwrite can check a document in seconds, dramatically reducing the time required for proofreading
This will improve productivity by allowing staff members to focus on tasks other than proofreading.


Equipped with a secure proofreading environment

Each account has its own independent proofreading environment, and the accessible IP addresses are also restricted. Use Chuwrite with confidence when proofreading important content such as confidential material.

Chuwrite document proofreading flow


Flexible customization according to proofreading flow

Chuwrite can be customized flexibly to meet your needs. This includes customization to allow input in a proprietary text format, provision of APIs to link with existing systems, and tuning of AI to respond to unique expressions in your industry or company.

Flexible customization to suit your specific usage needs

Chuwrite offers flexible customization options to meet a wide range of client needs and workflows.
Please feel free to contact us.


Proofreading AI retraining flow


Team comprising over 100 data scientists Proven track record across industries and sectors

DATUM STUDIO has a team of more than 100 data scientists and a proven track record of using AI in the resolution of management issues for companies in a broad range of industries and sectors. To help you achieve your business goals, we can flexibly respond to needs from problem identification to planning for optimal data utilization, proof of concept (PoC), infrastructure building, AI model construction, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and continuous training (CT).

Team comprising over 100 data scientists
Proven track record across industries and sectors